Designing Culture:
The Technological Imagination at Work
The book was published by Duke University Press in 2011.
Designing Culture ::
The Transmedia Project
Investigating the link between technology and culture, this transmedia project is realized as print book, a dvd, and interactive website at www.designingculture.org
Design Research ::
Public Interactives
The Public Interactives Research Team led by Anne Balsamo investigates "interactivity in the wild."
Digital Memorials ::
The AIDS Memorial Quilt
Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, a new project will build an image and story browser for the AIDS Quilt.
New Research ::
Public Interactives
This article is co-authored with Professor Cara Wallis.
FemTechNet ::
FTN's Distributed Open Collaborative Course (DOCC) is an alternative MOOC and an example of feminist technocultural innovation.
Ways of the Hand ::
Tinkering in A Digital Age
The Ways of the Hand project includes 14 video postcards from makers and tinkerers who participated in Maker Faire, 2009 in San Mateo, CA. I had the opportunity to ask them about their motivations and aspirations for their making practices.
Project Archive ::
Feminist Noir – A Celebration of Paula Treichler
Archive of past projects includes a graphic novel created to celebrate the retirement of Professor Paula Treichler in 2006.
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Currently I serve as the Dean of the School of Media Studies at The New School in New York City.


I investigate and design cultural technologies that serve social justice and public good.


My books focus on emergent media formations and the logics of cultural reproduction. Articles address topics such as public interactives, the distributed museum, the rise of Citizen R&D in the US and China.


My current research focuses on the prolieferation of Public Interactives and the design of Digital Memorials.

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