School of Media Studies

Dean Balsamo CloseUp

Since 2012, I have served as the Dean of the School of Media Studies (SMS) at The New School in New York City. SMS is the longest running media studies program in the United States. It offers a broad curriculum that addresses important contemporary topics in the field, such as the design of creative emergent media, the use of participatory media for social engagement, the study of transnational and urban media environments, the cultural implications of emergent media forms, and the evolution of media over time. The flexible program enables students to study full-time or part-time, onsite in New York, or online elsewhere. The SMS program is distinguished by its interdisciplinary breadth and its commitment to creating media in the service of a more just and humane world.

The faculty of the School of Media Studies include experienced, world renowned filmmakers, researchers, designers, and scholars. The curriculum provides students with engaging experiences in creative media making, critical analysis and reflection, and entrepreneurialism and management. Through hands on projects and critical analysis, students and faculty explore a broad range of mediated experiences.

Graduate Programs and Focus Areas include:

• Media Studies (MA)  •  Media Management (MS)  •  Documentary Studies (certificate)  •  Film / Video Production  •  Sound Studies  •  Experimental Storytelling  •  Interactive Design  •  Media Archeology  •  Media Analytics  •  Digital Media and Learning  •  Public Interactives  •  Digital Curating