Deconstructing the church of postmodernism

Balsamo Shea Framegrab DeconstructingDeconstructing the Church of Postmodernism A collaboration with musician David Shea commissioned by the Beursschouwrg Cultural Center, Brussels, Belgium, March, 1998

I had not met David Shea before we were invited to the Beursschouwrg Cultural Center in Brussels to create a collaborative performance in one of a series of commissioned events that paired a “scientist” with an “artist” to perform a conversation. For the collaboration with David, I was cast as the “scientist.” The conditions of the commission was that we had 48 hours to collaborate on the production of an one-hour performance. David Shea, an avant-garde sampling musician and composer brought his deck and hard-drives of samples to use as resources for the performance; I brought my video and slide-image archive of body technologies. From these materials we created a postmodern multimedia ritual based on a feminist critique of masculinist postmodern theory. I performed as high-priest to direct the congregation in their worship and delivered a rapped rant. David performed real-time sound sampling and musical commentary.