Public Interactives Research Team (PIRT)

PIRT www.smscommons.newschool.edu/pirt

Public Interactives Research Team (PIRT)

The School of Media Studies at The New School

Members:  Anne Balsamo Dale MacDonald, Diane Mitchell, David Wilson, Alex Gilwit, Leticia Ferreira De Souza, Sarah Cerio-Stokes, Sean Hyland, Angela Ferraiolo, Christopher Hanekamp, Xiaolei Gu, Xinhe Feng, Sean Landers, Pablo Medina Urbibe, Fabian Villenas, Evan Luis Solana-Cardona

On-going Projects @ New School

  • Tinkering in a Digital Age Video Postcards from Makers Faire: Anne Balsamo, ed.
  • Online Gallery of Public Interactives: Dale MacDonald, lead
  • Workshops on Cultural Analytics: Anne Balsamo, lead
  • Demos of Tangible Interaface Applications
  • Field Research on Interactivity in the Wild: David Wilson, lead
  • Public Interactives and Soft Power:  Anne Balsamo and Cara Wallis


Previous Members of PIRT @USC: 2010-2012
Dale MacDonald, Perry Hoberman, Lauren Fenton, Susana Bautista, Joe Osborn, Jennifer Taylor, Ioana Literat, Andrew Schrock, Desdemona Bandini

Previous Projects @ USC: 2010-2012

  • Course on Public Interactives as an Emergent Media Form (Anne Balsamo, Fall 2012)
  • Course on The History and Design of Public Interactives (Anne Balsamo, Spring 2007-2011)
  • The LOONG Table:  Large Omni-Touch Open Navigation Graphical Table (Dale McDonald, lead)
  • Annenberg School Interactive Directory (Perry Hoberman, lead)
  • Virtual Bookcase (Dale MacDonald, lead)
  • Walk-Up Games (Perry Hoberman, lead)
  • Community News Wall (Anne Balsamo, lead)
  • LA Riots (1992) 20th Anniversary Panel (Jennifer Taylor, lead)
  • Interactive Timeline History of AIDS (Lauren Fenton, lead)
  • The Distributed Museum: Museology in a Digital Age (Susana Bautista, lead)
  • Tilty Table Projects (with Onomy Labs):  The GeoSurface Table w/CLUI (Lauren Fenton, lead)