Techno Travels: HASTAC 2008

In 2008, I organized a “traveling conference event” called “Reading Southern California at 65 mph.  It was part of the 2008 HASTAC conference that I co-organized with David Theo Goldberg (UC Irvine) and Todd Pressner (UCLA).  The conference theme, “techno-travels: telemobility: HASTAC in Motion” explore the multiple ways in which place, movement, borders and identities are renegotiated and remapped by new locative technologies.

Along with Perry Hoberman, we mapped a journey that traversed one of the key connecting corridors of Southern California, from Irvine to Beverly Hills. Conference participants boarded a bus in Irvine and were driven to UCLA for the HASTAC conference.  Enroute, renowned cultural historian and master storyteller Norman Klein narrated a tour that described the infrastructures of globalization that mark the landscape of Southern California.  To document the points of interest along the tour, I created a zine called:  “Reading So California at 65 MPH.”

Techno Travels Poster


Bus Tour ZINE Pages :: “Reading So California at 65 MPH”