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Courses taught @ The New School University, New York City, 2014-Current

Understanding Media Studies (NMDS 5004) @ School of Media Studies:

Visiting Faculty Course @Lingnan University Hong Kong

Design in Hong Kong (Ms5120): Graduate seminar for the Department of Cultural Studies

Courses Taught @University of Southern California: 2009-2012

Studio-Seminar on Culture and Innovation (Comm 620)
Article by Scott Fields: Out-Of-The-Box (and in the game) Thinking

Capstone course for the iDiploma program.

Seminar on Media and Design Studies (IMAP 601)
A core course for the Media Arts and Practice Doctoral Program

Introduction to Public Interactives (CTIN 599)
A new course for the MFA Program in the Interactive Media Division (IMD)

Advanced Interactive Media Projects (CTIN 594)
Final course for the IMD MFA thesis students

Interactive Media Seminar (CTIN 511)
Weekly seminar for IMD students and faculty

Design for Interactive Media (CTIN541)

Studio course for MFA students in interactive experience design

Global Impact Design Course (For Stevens Institute of Innovation)

Graduate design studio-seminar course for the USC Global Impact program

The Cultures of New Media (Comm 340)

Introduction to Culture and Technology (Comm 339)

Undergraduate courses in the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism

Introduction to Feminist Theory (SWMS 560)

Undergraduate course for gender studies majors

Seminar on Science, Technology and Gender (SWMS 410)

Senior seminar for gender studies majors

History of Literacy (LING 295)

Co-taught with Professor Bruce Zuckerman. Undergraduate course

I also designed the first version of the USC / IML Honors Program in Multimedia Scholarship in 2004.

@Stanford University

Designing CultureGraduate Seminar
Introduction to Feminist Studies: Undergraduate large lecture course

@Georgia Institute of Technology

Science, Technology and Race
Science, Technology and Communication
Science, Technology and Gender
Literature in the Age of Postmodern Science
Science, Technology and Culture
Introduction to Cultural Studies
Modes of Electronic Communication
Cultural Aspects of New Communication Technologies
Culture and New Media

@Illinois State University

Film and Literature
Women and Literature
Language and Composition

@University of Illinois

Social Aspects of Mass Communication
Introduction to Film
Feminist Cultural Studies
Interpersonal Communication
Introduction to Management