SMACimageTeaching With Multimedia. A workshop for university faculty on how to integrate multimedia authoring environments and tools into non-media based courses.

In 2007, I organized a workshop called “Transforming Teaching Through Multimedia” for the Institute of Multimedia Literacy at USC. The workshop was co-facilitated by Mary Hocks and Anne Wysocki, two experts in the area of the development of transformative pedagogies for higher education.  Twelve faculty from colleges and universities around the country participated in the week-long workshop, that included hands on learning activities, new syllabus design, and presentations on multimedia pedagogy across the curriculum.

Introduction to Digital Humanities. A workshop on learning how to read and write new scholarship in the digital humanities.

TechnoSpheres:/FutureS of Thinking. A seminar and hands-on workshop exploring  the cultural theory and practice of emergent technologies. Sponsored by the University of California Humanities Research Institute’s Seminar in Experimental Critical Theory (SECT), Summer 2006.

I programmed and facilitated the third annual UCHRI Seminar in Experimental Critical Theory (SECT III) in Summer 2006 on the topic of technoSpheres: FutureS of Thinking. Along with David Theo Goldberg, we designed SECT III as an exploration new ways of thinking in the wake of our entanglements with technologies across the creative spheres: sciences, humanities, arts, engineering.  The Seminar included sets of conversations, technologically elaborated or facilitated, between forward looking, experimental and visionary thinkers around issues ranging from the techno-urban to the relations between the biological and the technological, the invite participants also to engage with hands-on projects.  Invited Participants included:  Larry Smarr, Kate Hayles, Sasha Saskia, Scott Fisher, George Lewis, Guillermo Gomez Penz, Tara McPherson, Julian Bleecker, Lynn Hershmann, Tracy Fullerton, Judith Halberstam, Michael Naimark, Floyd Webb, Lisa Cartwright, Norman Klein, Lisa Nakamura, Alan Liu, Geert Lovink, Tim Lenoir, Marsha Kinder, Peter Lunenfeld, and Dan Greenstein.